This is a true story. It all started with my girlfriend. She would bring home panties that belonged to her sister, which was a bigger size than she wore. My girlfriend wore a size five, and her sister wore a size seven. Anyway, here's how it happened. We were in bed, she pulls her night gown off, and she has this pair of red, silk, hi-cut panties on. She never wears hi-cut panties. She pulls them off, holds them up, and says, "I am going to make you wear these silk panties." I thought, "How lucky can I be?" Well, we had the greatest sex ever. When she gets up, she leaves the panties in bed with me. I could not resist. I put that pair of panties on, and they felt so good on skin. So, I kept them on. Later that day, we drove to the lake, and I just loved the feel of those panties on under my shorts. Then, all of a sudden, she reaches over and puts her hand up my shorts and says, "I knew I could get you to wear panties." Well, I married this girl, and now I don't have any men's underwear. The only thing in my drawer is silk panties. We shop for panties together. I love this woman very much. She calls me her "pantyboy".

— Tyrrell, 36