Dropping The Towel

I am nineteen and well built. I'm at that age where I'm trying new things. One day, everyone was out, and I went to have a shower. All alone, I was horny, so I blasted the shower straight to cold. I came out, grabbed the nearest towel, and dried myself. I didn't put any clothes on and walked around the house nude. I went to the garage to get some lunch after I had put a towel around my waist. It was February, and I was freezing. Turned on about being nude, I went to get some clothes off the line. I accidentally let my towel drop, showing off my erect package. I quickly grabbed it, ran inside, and had a wank. An hour later, a neighbor came around saying she had seen me from her upstairs window. She had only seen my arse and said she would like to see more. I let her in, took my towel off, and bared all. She kneeled down and started giving me oral. This was two weeks ago. Now, every time I'm home alone, I always walk out into the garden, drop my towel, and let my neighbor see my package.

— Marc, 19