My Friend's Mom

When I was nineteen, my friend's mom always turned me on with her sexy legs in pantyhose. She knew it and flaunted it. So, one day, I noticed she seemed drunk. She said she had a few drinks with friends. Her son and dad were out, but she invited me in and, of course, had on her skirt and pantyhose! She came right out and said she loved how I drooled over her mature, shapely legs. She then said that if I kept quiet, I could worship them! So, she zipped her skirt off and full body pantyhose. She had a nice, round, shapely bottom, and she stuck her tongue down my throat. She then took my package out and played with it. After a while, she had enough and pulled me on top, and we had sex. The strangest part of this story is I today have a child with my best friend's mom and broke up his parents!

— Andrew, 30