Caught By Surprise

I was looking through my wife's clothes dresser, searching for a pair of misplaced work-out shorts, when I came across some unfamiliar lingerie. There was very sexy, very provocative, very revealing undergarments that I had never imagined my very conservative wife of eighteen years wearing. They had definitely been worn, and I knew that I had never seen her wear them! With my curiosity raised, I searched a little more thoroughly and discovered a box of condoms with a few missing. I had a vasectomy about three years ago. I was definitely caught by surprise. I decided to put things back the way I found them and keep my eyes open. By paying closer attention, I began to realize that my once conservative, faithful wife was cheating on me. I finally worked up the courage to confront her about a month later. After a short denial, she confessed to having three different affairs in the past eighteen months all with much younger men. I was devastated.

— Ryan, 42