Wife Watcher

Years ago, I finally told my wife of my biggest fantasy, which is to watch her do another guy. Over time, she finally agreed to do it for me. However, when she did it, SHE loved it! Over the years, she has done a few different guys. Every time she lets me watch, we end up having awesome sex for weeks while we talk about her most recent experience. It's been a while since the last episode. While we were fooling around last night, she mentioned that it was about time for her to pick up a strange one. After that comment, we both orgasmed like crazy! We are going out this weekend so she can "shop" for one. She likes guys with really big packages and seems to be pretty good at finding them. I'm really looking forward to this weekend. As an added bonus, I have a major foot fetish, so she always paints her nails and wears her sexiest shoes while we are out with her man shopping. Seeing her sexy feet makes an already hot experience even hotter.

— Alexander, 46