Wish Wife Knew Secret

Years ago, when I was still married to my Asian wife, every Saturday night we would have a little "Sexual Romp" in our living room. After showering, I would be naked under a robe and she would put on a sexy little nightie without panties. We would start by kissing and fondling each other. She would give me great oral sex, and we would wind up in bed having intercourse. I wish I could have told her that I had been wearing bras and panties since I was a teenager. If I was able to "dress up" in her underwear to start, I know we would have had better sex. I could have been fondling her real breasts while she fondled my fake ones. That, to this day, is still a turn on for me. Once she got used to my "dressing up", I would have asked her to buy me my own bras, panties and nylons in my size so I wouldn't have to wear hers. I think this would have worked out great for the both of us. We may have had better sex, and I would have had my own collection of women's underwear to wear when I wanted to. But, it was not to be. We are now divorced. I live alone but still "dress up" even at the age of sixty-five. I love it!

— Lionel, 65