I Won't Change

Well, it started when I was four at school. I often wet myself, so the teachers would get me clean underwear and shorts. One day, they run out of boys' pants and put me in panties. I remember how they felt much softer than boys' pants, and from then on I would wet myself to get panties on! As I got older, I would wear my sister's clothes when she was out. I even wore my mum's, especially her stockings. I used to steal mum's tampons and panty liners. Now, I am married, and my wife knows I like to wear her clothes, and she does not mind. I love to have sex with her wearing her stockings, suspenders, and a sexy little bra! I also like going out wearing panties with a panty liner. It makes me feel more feminine, and sometimes I even have a tampon inserted! I am one hundred percent straight, and I don't think I will ever change in any way.

— Douglas, 30