My Partner's Daughter

A couple of years back, my partner's daughter called round to sort a few things out for her mother. As I was in my room on the computer, I did not hear her come in. She came into the room where I was sitting nude on my PC. She just stood there to chat and was looking at me, her eyes never leaving the sight of my package as it began to rise. She then said to me, "Why don't I take care of that for you?" and she came round to stand beside me. She took a hold of me and started to ask if I wanted to enjoy a few erotic minutes on the bed with her. We went into the bedroom where she quickly removed her clothes to reveal her smooth body. She informed me she had shaven smooth for me as she had noticed a couple of times how I was smooth when she caught the odd sight of me nude through the door when she had been around at other times. She said she wanted to be smooth for me to see. We had a nice time naked together on the bed as we had oral. She told me how she had wanted to do me for ages and could never find the chance like today. She said she had planned for a few days now to get me alone and naked to show me how she was hot for me. We kept this up for about a year before we had to stop so her mother would not suspect what we had between ourselves. I do miss that hot, smooth body.

— Jimmy, 64