The Wife Dared Me To

It all started three years ago when I told my wife that I'm going to try her pantyhose on. She said, "I dare you." So, I did. Of course, she laughed. "They don't do anything for me," she said. I told her, "It does for me. What a feeling!" Then I asked her, "What would turn you on?" She said, "Try on my panties." So, I did. She loved them on me. Now she goes out and buys them for me. She bought lots and lots of them from silk to satin and some with just plain colors and no flowers or lace. Now, I walk around the house in them. She gets a good look at my package. When we go to bed, I get the best sex ever. Sometimes, I even put on a slip. When she starts to rub my package with the slip on, that silk on silk is the best feeling. Now, I go to bed in panties, nylons, and a slip, too.

— Toby, 45