I Should Have Allowed It

I am a male, thirty-five years old, and my confession is to have sex with my step-dad. I like to cross-dress sometimes and I always imagine me being my step-dad's wife and taking care of him. When I was a teen, he cupped my boobs. I had small man boobs and I loved his cupping and the feeling of me melting in his grip. The strength and power of a man, and the helplessness and the lure of being an object of such power, was exhilarating. I curse myself for not allowing his advances. When I replay the scene over and over in my head, I think, "Why didn't I take his hand and guide it under my shirt?" I imagine his touch and think about the idea of worshipping it. I want to hold his head in my left arm and have him suckle my breast like a baby.

— Joshi, 35