Fantasy Turns Into Reality

Like any other person in school, I've always had a sexual attraction for one of my teachers. She was very perky and slightly touchy whenever I was around her. During my senior year, this sexual fantasy for most became my reality when I went in for extra help with a term paper. We were discussing ways to improve the paper with a lot of off-topic jokes in the process. Around 4:30, we finished reviewing and departed. On my way home (three blocks from the school), she drove passed me and offered me a ride. I didn't hesitate to get in the car. First, we drove to a drive-through and got coffee. We were getting close to my house, but I realized this was a once in a lifetime experience, so I told her I wasn't ready to go home. She gave me a surprised yet excited look, and said that she'd think of something fun. We drove up to her house, which not far away and was convenient. Inside, I teasingly said, "What's so fun about this place?" She replied, "Me." That's when it happened and our scandal went on for three months.

— Lyle, 19