Snatch And Grab

I'm a panty wearing house husband. I wear them 24/7 and have for many years. I find panties to be very comfortable, cooler, and most of the time, much cheaper to buy. Since I do the house chores and my wife works a job (her own business), I got tired of always having to sort her panties from my panties in the laundry. I solved the problem by putting all the panties in one big drawer. No longer are there her panties and my panties in two separate drawers. Now there are our panties in one drawer. She loves to wear mine and I love to wear hers. I guess one could say that now we have a "snatch and grab." We even have some matching panties with lots of frilly ruffles. For all you so-called men, real men wear panties! Try 'em before you knock 'em!

— Quentin, 60