My Fingers Are Crossed

I have a step-sister of no blood relation. I am thirty-four and she is nineteen. We get on really well and have a great laugh with each other. However, things changed when we both got home a little drunk. It's nothing for her to be around me in her undies and also for me to be in my boxers. This one night when we were drunk, I told her that I thought her undies looked cute. She also confessed that she thought my boxers were sexy. So, while we were being rather honest, she decided to tell me how she was amazed at the size of my manhood as she had seen it a few times. She dared me to get it out, which I did and one thing lead to another. The thing is, I really want to do it again. But, I don't want her to know I feel this way. My fingers are crossed that one day we will get it on again.

— Simon, 34