Payback Was Fun

I was cheating on my wife with a cute eighteen year old. She caught us one day fully naked and going at it like crazy. She left us, saying, "Give it to her good." The next day, she came home with an ultimatum. She was going to have sex with a guy while I watched, and I had to have oral with him while she watched. I knew I was going to have to payback if I wanted to keep her. Several weeks later, we checked into a motel; she dressed up slutty and went bar crawling while I waited. Later that night, she came in with a guy primed for sex. She had told him I was going to watch. They were going at it when suddenly she stopped and said, "Now!" She grabbed me and pushed me over to him. We now joke about doing it again sometime. For me, it's no joke. I'd love to have that happen again. She also wants to try my girlfriend.

— Joshua, 28