One Friend, One Night

One of my best friends growing up happened to be a girl. After thirty-five years of being around her, I felt for her as she went through a terrible divorce. She knows that I am semi-bisexual and always considered me as a sister. I took a job as a salon manager in San Francisco and she had me out one night to celebrate together one last time before I left. We really started to drink the wine and in turn, started to get personal. We ended up at her place and, in talking through our feelings; she expressed a desire to make love to me. I took her up on the notion. I was to get ready for her and meet her in the living room. After ten minutes or so, she appeared with a sexy robe on. She laid a blanket down and pushed me to the floor. On my knees, I looked up at her as she disrobed and revealed a strap-on. I was shocked at first as she expressed her desire to use it on a man. I had never done anything with a female with toys like this, but I started to give it oral. I guess it was the wine in us, but we both pleasured each other for hours. She really worked me over with the strap-on. While in the process of giving it to me, I remember saying, "For a girl who has never used one of these things, you sure can work it better than most men." After about two hours of super sex, we fell asleep in each others arms. When I awoke the next morning, she was giving me oral. Shockingly, after all the years of being friends, she was the best sex I ever had; giving and receiving.

— Felipe, 40