Naked Pleasures

You won't believe this, but it is true. My wife prefers that I be nude whenever I am home. She has also given me permission to pleasure myself whenever and wherever I want or feel the need to. I am to be naked whenever any of her friends come over as well. The first time they came over was the hardest and most embarrassing; but now that they all have seen me naked, they too prefer me to be that way. They love to see me in my panties as well, but prefer to see no clothing at all. Something else that has happened; I guess that they have been talking with my wife about me and now they want me to pleasure myself in front of them. My wife highly encourages any and all of them to help me. This doesn't just happen once in awhile; it happens every couple of days, sometimes every day, and when it does happen, I am required to pleasure myself in front of them three to fives times while they are here. They are allowed to touch me if they want to. My wife enjoys watching. Now, I am working on getting them to be naked as well and letting me have oral sex and more with them. My wife says that she does not mind and that she would enjoy watching. I have noticed that on the days when I pleasure myself in front of her friends while she watches, she and I have some wild sex that night. My nudity has come to include anywhere on the property, which is fifty acres in deep country and all trees. A couple of weekends ago, they had me in the front yard and all watched while I pleasured myself. My conversations with them might be working as two of them did actually help me on that occasion. Does life get any better than this?

— George, 62