Crush On Mother-In-Law

I have been married for seven years and have had a crush on my mother-in-law since the second year into my marriage. She is the most kind, caring, and gentle lady I have meet in my life. I would play with myself and fantasize about doing her; for years, I have been trying to flash myself at her, but have been unsuccessful. Last year, when I had a chance to be alone with her, I confessed to her my sexual feelings and desires. She was very shocked and embarrassed, avoiding me for months. Eventually, things went back to normal. My father-in-law was away overseas for a few weeks and she came and stayed with us. One night when everyone was sleep and she was still watching TV in the living room, I sat down next to her and we started to talk more about our feelings towards each other after my confession. I told her how much I fantasize about her and wish I could act on those desires to make her feel really good. I became so excited that I began to play with myself in front of her. She got so excited watching me and finally let me do as I please to her. Later on, we went into her room and made love several times. She told me it was the best sexual experience she's ever had and it was the same for me. We now have sex whenever we have the chance to be alone and it is still the most intense sexual feeling when we make love. She is fifty-six and I am thirty.

— Josh, 30