I Wear Panties

I have worn panties on and off since I was a young teen. My first wife was too thin for me to wear hers. Luckily, she bought me a man thong, but she didn't like it much so I didn't wear it often. I had a vasectomy and used my second wife's thong to hold myself snug. She was ok with it. I told her I liked it. She wasn't ok with me wearing it after I healed and she caught me wearing her panties a few times. She thought I was gay. We divorced for other reasons, but I think she truly didn't recover from catching me in her panties a couple of times. I'm now forty-three and I'm sick of hiding it. I wear them every day. I had an "incident" with cell phone texts and pictures and ended up coming clean to a few close friends; I feel great for doing so. Basically, what I do is my business as long as I don't hurt anyone. I'm not gay. If I was, that would have been a great time to come out. I simply love the feel, the selection, the various cuts, and the "taboo" of it all. Now I have to find a woman who is cool with it, too. I don't know when it would be a good time to spring that on someone. How's this? "Hey, this is a great coffee shop. How's your coffee? Oh by the way, I love to wear women's panties and thongs. Is that ok with you?" Well, whatever the way, I will come clean so I can actually enjoy my fetish openly with a woman. I hear it can actually make your sex life even better when a woman is into it. Here's hoping!

— Steve, 43