Hotel Pool Fun

I am a swimming official and travel to officiate many meets in the surrounding states. One evening, I decided to take a dip in the pool. I forgot my trunks, but did have yellow jogging shorts. Being alone at the pool, and feeling a little frisky, I decided to step both legs into one leg hole, which removed the mesh cover over my groin. When the thin yellow material got wet, it was if I were not wearing anything at all. After a moment, a couple of mothers with their children came in to swim. Once their kids got in the water, I decided to step out. I walked slowly up the steps, allowing the wet material to cling to my manhood. The steps were in direct line with where the mothers were sitting, which was next to where I placed my belongings. One mother's eyes got a little wide, while the other glanced and looked away. After getting to my towel, I started a conversation. As I dried off, I noticed each of them looking down at my member. It was hot, very hot, which is why I started to become excited. At that time, I left and went to my room. The next morning at prelims, I noticed both mothers were volunteer timers for their children's sessions. I said hello, and they both began to blush. It was a great weekend. It was the first such endeavor, but I'm sure not the last.

— Kevin, 33