Fantasy Couple

I was a local adult video store dressed, as usual, in my bra, panties, stay up stockings, and my heels. I still have not had the nerve to go in with my skirt and blouse on yet though, since I cannot pass. In one of the booths was a couple that just got done servicing two men. I struck up a conversation and she mentioned she liked my heels and, when I pulled up my pant leg a bit to show them off, she also noted the black nylon stockings. Before too much time had passed, she was showing me off to her boyfriend and it wasn't long before I was in just my black lace bra, print nylon panties, hose, and heels. She began to explain to me how to please him. After he and I were done, she kissed me and said she would love to dress me up sometime and use her boyfriend to please me. I can't wait!

— Marcus, 60