Panties, My New Underwear

When I was younger, I tried on my cousin's underwear and it felt like some girl was touching me. It was snug and tight, but very comfortable all at the same time. I was home-schooled for a while and did I love it. The lady who was my teacher had three girls and when I used their bathroom, I'd sniff their panties. Now I'm twenty-four and there is this sensation I get when I wear boy shorts or bikini high hips. When I want to feel comfortable, I buy one size up of my original panty size. Going into a store to buy them is a thrill! Tonight, I had a lady walk by the aisle; she came back, looked at me, and then turned around and walked off. The cashier had a weird smile on her face. I'm a virgin, by the way, so I get a kick out of all this. I wear them all the time now; keeps me happy!

— Ian, 24