Every word of this is true. For eighteen months, I got to live out a fantasy I had involving a close friend's girlfriend. She was aged twenty-seven at the time, as was I. Her name was Brooke and she was a beautiful girl; stunning really. She was tall, thin, and had long dark hair; but her legs were really what drew everyone's attention. I was struck right away when my buddy started dating her because she was the type of woman who was amazing to just be around. I loved just being able to look at her and talk with her; that in itself was erotic! Brooke knew how much I wanted her and, as we spent more time together, she used to flirt during those moments when we were away from others. She used to ask me about the women I was dating, how the sex was, etc. I laughed most of the time and played along somewhat, but she always would tell me, "I'm sure they're not as good in bed as I am." This discrete dirty talk really turned me on as I could only imagine what it would be like to have her. This game went back and forth for quite a while and I was really fond of her. We had a large group of friends who hung-out on a regular basis and we were constantly going out to the bars. Sometimes, my buddy worked the overnight shift at the regional power plant and she would call me to pick her up and we'd go out and meet our friends. I couldn't help but think that my buddy was such a lucky guy to have such a fine chick like her. Brooke spoke frequently about how she couldn't stay committed to any one guy for very long. At first, she would just mention it in passing, but then it became a topic that was brought up a lot. I knew she was testing the waters. It was so hard to not tell her that, "Yes, Brooke, I'd love to have you; I'll give you what you and I both want!" But, I couldn't; not with my friend's girl, I just couldn't. My buddy and Brooke eventually moved in together and I frequently crashed at their home after parties and nights out. Often, they were up early and gone to work when I woke up. Yes, all alone in their home and free to explore Brooke's panty drawer. She did not disappoint either. For a guy (me) with a raging panty fetish anyways, it was a grand slam home run. Brooke had dozens and dozens of hot panties, all satin, not the cotton ones. The first morning I realized I was home alone; I got really excited at the thought of being able to touch Brooke's panties. I grabbed a bunch from her drawer, spread them out on their bed, and used several pair. I pictured Brooke in them and had fun. I continued to spend a lot of time with Brooke, often when my buddy when to work overnight. When we'd go out, she would look around the nightclub and tell me which women she thought I could have if I wanted them. But, as always, she reminded me that nobody was as good in the sack as she was. The times when we'd hang out, she would get me so worked up; when I got home, I had to pleasure myself, picturing all the dirty things I would do with Brooke if I had a chance. I used to wonder if I could get away with putting things on the line and telling her we had to satisfy the lust we were both feeling, but jeez, I just couldn't do that. That would be so wrong; such a betrayal. But, it had to happen eventually. The night it did we had been drinking, of course, and Brooke's dirty talk was exceptionally dirty! On the ride home, she asked if I liked her breasts and if I wanted to feel them. I gave my normal answer which was so weak, but something like, "They're amazing Brooke, but I can't touch you, you know that." Now she had a challenge in front of her, she wanted to see if she could get me to touch her as we drove. She now demanded that I stop the car immediately and touch her breasts. Well, she is demanding it, I have to touch them. I pulled over and began, amazed at how they felt. This lasted for several minutes, which were incredible. I began to think, "I am going to do Brooke tonight; it's going to happen." I abruptly pulled away and headed for her home. When we got to her home, she began to get out of the car and said, "You're not going home; get out of the car." I gleefully did as she told me to. Once inside, she immediately started to undress. I could not fight it any longer, nor did I want to! What followed was the hottest night of my life. There would be a lot more of the same over the next eighteen months. Brooke was right; she was an incredible sex buddy. She kept her mouth shut too. I felt badly for a while, knowing I was having the best sex of my life with my friend's girl, but every time I tried to tell Brooke what we were doing was wrong, she would say something like, "Would you just shut up, do you want me or not?" How in the world can any red-blooded man resist that?

— Clint, 39