What Have We Here?

It was early one Saturday morning and I was getting ready to perform my usual hand relief. I slipped on a short nylon robe, some thigh high stockings, and three inch red pumps. I was sitting in my favorite chair and everything was going just great, when the doorbell rang. Who could it be? It was only about eight A.M. I went to the door and it was a real estate sales lady inquiring about potential home sales. When she saw me in my attire, she smiled and said, "What have we here?" I invited her in and walked in front of her, clicking my heels all the way to the kitchen. She sat down and I did not say a word, I just stood in front of her and slowly opened the front of my robe exposing myself to her. I was in an enhanced state of excitement. She smiled and asked if I was interested in selling my house? I laughed and told her no, but if she would sleep with me I just may reconsider. She laughed and we proceeded to the bedroom. A good time was had by all.

— Trevor, 25