Can You See Her?

I had a job at the jersey shore to do some repairs on a rental; the deal was two free weeks and I do the repairs. One part was to be on the outdoor shower as it had no roof, gaps in the side wall, and some other repairs. My wife and I had gone down to the beach and on the way home, I stopped to get some drinks. She headed back to the house to take a shower. I thought she was going to use the one inside; I never told her what work had to be done while we were there. As I was just about back to the house, I heard her in the shower outside and saw the guy upstairs looking down at her. I had yet to meet him and the entrance was around the corner, so to him I was just walking by if he even saw me. She was in the shower a few minutes longer, and then came inside to dress having just a towel on. I never told her about it and, until I did that work, he saw her for every shower.

— Kyle, 42