Walk in Clinic

I recently went to a local walk in clinic to help with a sore throat I had. The nurse on duty was a woman in her mid to late forties and rather attractive. She was wearing a skirt with three inch heels and stockings. When I sat on the examining table, she looked at my legs and asked if I was wearing nylons. I told her I was wearing light compression stockings due to a circulation issue I was having. She said my legs looked extremely sexy with the nylons on. She then told me I should be wearing high heels. She slipped off one of hers and told me to try it on. It fit like a glove, so she gave me the other. I stood up and she said how sexy I looked. She then locked the door and the two of us engaged in some extreme intercourse right there in the room on the examining table. She gave me a prescription for some sore throat medicine, put her shoes back on, we kissed, and out I went.

— Landon, 28