My wife is told by men and women on a daily basis how beautiful she is. She is forty-eight and works as a cashier. I have told her she deserves more sex than I can give her and that she should date some of these men that flirt with her every day. She said that she eagerly would, but she was too embarrassed by the stretch marks on her stomach and her shrinking sagging breasts. So, for Christmas last year, I paid for her tummy tuck, breast lift, and augmentation. It took a few months of recovery, but she now looks and feels magnificent! Her bra size went from a 34C to a 38DD. She now has thin waist and enormous breasts and she is not only beautiful, but so very sexy. She often wears very snug, revealing tops, high heels or boots and tight, tight jeans and boy does she get attention. Her first affair was one that she had wanted for years and that was her sixty-year-old black boss. I honestly believe she would have left me for him, but he wouldn't leave his wife. She has dated several men since and loves the freedom I give her to have sex with whomever she desires. I love having a wife every man desires.

— Mike, 57