Yellow Panties Bathing Suit

I was walking through the lingerie department at a local department store when I spotted a rack of ladies' panties. I saw a pair of yellow in size eight, so I picked them up and proceeded to pay. The saleslady looked at me, smiled, and asked if they were the correct size. I told her I think they were and that I was going to wear them as a bathing suit. She smiled and said she would surely like to see that. When she said that, I told her to be at my house for a private pool party later in the day. I wrote down my address and gave it to her. She looked at the paper and said she would be there. Later on that day, she arrived. We went swimming, had some drinks, and then had sexual intercourse for the remainder of the day. Oh yeah, she really liked my yellow nylon bathing suit, especially when it got wet.

— Patrick, 25