Caught Crossdressing

The very first time I got caught crossdressing was by my mother. I was wearing her white long sleeve turtle neck sweater with her black sleeveless mini jumper over it, her black pumps, and her suntan pantyhose. I went downstairs, knowing my mom was in the basement. Mom snuck up the stairs and I took off back upstairs, locking myself in the bathroom. Mom kept telling me to open the door until I did. She said, "If you want to be a girl, I'll make you a girl." She then dragged me to her room and put makeup on me, perfume, nail polish, and then she did my hair. When she finished, she made me go with her out in the back yard and help her hang wash. After that, she made me do all the ironing. When I finished that, she made me sit on a chair out on our front porch until my dad got home.

— Michael, 56