Female Boss

I recently started a new job which required me to move. My boss is a woman in her mid to late forties, and extremely attractive. My problem is that she is single, and unattached at this time. She dresses rather provocatively with short skirts, nylons, four-inch heels, sheer blouses, and dark colored brassieres. The other day, she came into my office and sat on the desk with her leg up on the trash can. I got an up-close and personal view and it was rather nice. Thigh high stockings and burgundy panties. I looked down several times and each time I did she would open her legs just a bit more. I surely need this job, but these things are making it hard to work. I have decided to let her do her things and eventually I will file a lawsuit against her. I have installed a camera which will catch all of her shenanigans.

— Aaron, 25