I asked my wife's friend, who is a hypnotist, to help me stop smoking. She came over, put me into a trance, and commanded me to stop smoking. She then let my wife give me a command. When I came out of the trance, I no longer wanted to smoke. My wife's friend then gave me a command to obey my wife. My wife then told me to strip and put on girl clothes. I could not resist, and soon I was slipping on panties, stockings, a bra, a short, tight dress, and very high heels. The girls then took pictures of me. I became quite excited, which pleased the girls. I was ordered to pleasure myself, which I did. The girls had me change outfits and took more pictures of me in various embarrassing poses. They then ended the trance. I was thanking her for helping me stop smoking, but all she did was laugh. Then they showed me the pictures. Now I am afraid this will happen again. Or, maybe I am looking forward to it.

— Tyler, 33