Caught Wearing Panties

I have been wearing panties for about four years. I live with two other guys that are what you call manly men. I have kept my panty wearing a secret because I thought they would be freaked out about it. Today, I was helping one of their friends move and when I bent down to pick something up, my purple panties peeked up above my pants. One of them shocked me when they asked, "What are you wearing?" I immediately knew what they were asking, and my mind went reeling. I didn't know what to say and was silent for a moment. I told them that it was just my underwear. They asked me why I was wearing panties, and I said that I liked they way they look and feel. They said that they never knew, and they were really surprised. They went on to tell me that it wasn't a big deal. I was so relieved. It could have been terrible for me, but what a relief that I can wear them now and don't have to try to keep them from seeing anything when I am sitting or bending over and show a little panty or have visible panty lines. Just goes to show that friends are friends no matter what.

— Andrew, 30