Busted With Mom's Friend

Before I tell you the story, for five years I have been uncomfortable around my mom, and to this day I still am. When I was nineteen, my mom was going to go out with one of her friends, Julie. Julie was thirty-six and was a slim, hot, blonde. She always wore tight jeans and a nice, short shirt that always made me horny. My mom had to go to the store at the last minute and said, "Let Julie in. Tell her I will be back in about twenty minutes." So, when Julie came, I let her in and told her that my mom would be home soon. I went back up to my room to do something. Five minutes later, she opened the door and said, "Hey, just looking around the house," (the house was new at the time.) I said something like, "Yeah, this is my room. You can hang with me until my mom comes home." She took a seat on my bed and we talked for a while. I then moved closer to her. I knew we were flirting, so I got really excited in the pants, and she sure noticed. After a while, she was performed oral on me until I completed. We had very rough sex and were not planning on stopping. We moved to the floor because the bed was making too much noise. My house must have been shaking because my mom came running upstairs and opened the door like an earthquake was going off. Julie screamed, and my mom's face looked like she just killed me. Julie put her clothes on very fast and left the house. My mom left, and that began the most awkward few weeks of my life.

— Brent, 24