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Love Being Seen Naked
Recently, my wife's sister, Colleen, brought over to our apartment her boyfriend, Ramon. I was completely naked and I stayed naked. Looking at Ramon look at me all naked and exposed was so humiliating. I loved being seen naked by him. Of course, my wife and her sister Colleen have seen me naked many times. But, I had always hoped to be seen by Ramon because my sister-in-law told me he had a beautiful big package. His eyes really looked hard at me, and he came over and shook my hand while I stood humbly before him being the exhibitionist I am completely naked and exposed. Later, my sister-in-law, Colleen, told me that Ramon told her he hoped I wasn’t embarrassed by him seeing me naked. Colleen told him I wasn’t and that I just enjoyed being humiliated by my nakedness in front of him. God, I loved being seen naked. -Lou, 67

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