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Cute In Curlers
When I was younger, my mom came home early one day and found me in my sisterís room. I was wearing her dress and panties, and I was putting curlers in my shoulder length hair. I about died. After the shock, she took me over to her room put makeup on me and set my hair with hair gel and curlers. I then had to go to bed that night in curlers and pink nightgown and panties. The next day, I had to wear the dress all day with my hair all done up fancy and makeup on around my dad and two sisters. I was afraid she was going to make me go outside or somewhere with her. I hated it then but really was turned on by it. Even today, I still love to go to a salon and have my hair set while wearing a womanís blouse, slacks and panties. My wife is fine with the panties and will still on occasion offer to give me a set or style. -Zane, 49

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