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Roller Sets
It started a long time ago when I was fifteen. I had always been fascinated about women having roller sets. I started going to the local salon and having my hair set in rollers. It was the best thing I had ever done. Most times, I would ejaculate in my pants, especially while the rollers were being put in with the setting lotion. I did this every week. My mother had her suspicions as she was a bit of a hairdresser herself. Finally, she booked me in to have a hair cut and a blow wave. I got the hair cut but not the blow wave. It turned into a very tight roller set with very small rollers. She knew what I had been up to. At this stage, I was about eighteen. I have never lost the urge to have my hair set, but it is now too short. But, to satisfy my desires, I roller set my wifeís hair, and I can say I'm pretty good at it. We always have wild, passionate sex afterwards. I also usually cross-dress with her lingerie. She is cool with it. Oops, Iíve got to go. She is out of the shower, and it's hair-do time. -Ponce, 47

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