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I recently rented a room in a house from an ad in the local paper. Hank, the owner, said he usually worked nights, and I would have the place mostly to myself. Well, on Friday night, I was watching a male website and had a pair of panties on that I was masturbating in when Hank came home and saw what was on the computer. Later, he came and asked if I wanted to go Saturday night to watch the game with some friends. I said okay. On Saturday, he said, “Let’s go.” We got to his friend’s house and went in. There were five guys standing naked to greet me. Hank said I could stay dressed if I felt uncomfortable but that he was stripping down. I was a little uncomfortable as I had black frilly panties on, but I dropped my pants as well. The host saw my panties and asked me, as I was new to the group, if I would like to join in with the group having sex. I said I was not gay but liked to look at other males on the internet. He told all the guys to sit down and let me touch each one of them. As I did, the large screen TV lit up with a gay porno film. I was so turned on that I gave Hank oral sex as I watched the other guys start with each other. Hank asked the host to give me oral so I would feel at home. As he did me, I looked around and saw all the guys enjoying each other. Well, Saturday turned into Sunday, and Hank and I left in the afternoon for home. On the way, I confessed that I dress in women’s clothes often. Hank said I could sleep in sexy underwear in his bed anytime, maybe even tonight. -Jamison, 45

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