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Obsessive Arm Fetish
Iíve had a long-time arm fetishist and have been searching certain sites for a while looking for specific sorts of images. Ideally, they would be sexually explicit with the female subject(s) raising her arms over or beside her head so that the creased armpit flesh, shaven, of course, is visible. That would be along with the beautiful and sensuous curve of the upper arm and shoulder muscles. Even better, the woman would be kissing her own arm or licking it, leaving roses from her lipstick. I have drawn some exquisite images of women which illustrate these aspects, coupled with piercings and delicate gold chain restraints, etc. But, alas, I don't keep them around long for fear of them being discovered if I were to meet an untimely demise. I need to swear off of the masturbation that accompanies such artwork which, of course, can be very obsessive. -Zane, 36

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