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Stuck In A Corset
I had wanted to somehow slim my waist line down, as all I needed to lose was about three inches. I was snooping in my girlfriend's closet and found a box. I opened it to find a leather, purple corset. It looked very erotic and it had lace inlay, laces, and buckles. I took off my shirt and placed it around my waist. I began to pull the laces as tight as I could, feeling my waist becoming smaller and smaller. I then gave a last pull as I fell to the floor. The corset completely closed around my waist as I heard a series of clicks. I reached back and tried to undo the laces, but it was no use. They were very tight and the buckles had become locked over the laces. I looked in the mirror and was shocked by how slim my waist had become. However, I could hardly breathe as well. My girlfriend came home and she saw me in the corset. "Oh my! Why did you put that on? You're in so much trouble; I do not have a key for those buckles," she said. She tried to pick the locking buckles, but had no luck. She suggested that I wear it for awhile and maybe it would become loose enough to cut the laces. I had it on for a week and it finally started to feel looser. I also found a handcuff key and had her try it. Fortunately, it unlocked the buckles. I felt so much better, but my waist had become a lot smaller; from a thirty-four inch to a twenty-seven inch. -Jorge, 24

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