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My wife is a very sexy woman. This is why my friend was very interested when I asked if he wanted to see some revealing photos of her. I would have never asked, but the thought of me showing her nude photos was a huge turn on for my wife and I wonít lie, me too. Right before entering my friendís house, I called my wife on the mobile phone and asked one more time if she was sure that we should go through with this. She said nervously, "Yes." I kept the phone connected and in my front pocket as I entered. My wife listened to our conversation, which was unknown to my friend. We looked through the photos and spoke about her nice private areas. He even said at one point that he would like to come up behind her while looking at a photo of her completely naked bending over a table. As I left his house, I quietly put the phone to my ear and heard my wife pleasuring herself. After listening for a while, I said, "I take it you liked our comments?" Again, she said, "Yes," but this time in an excited tone. Years later, my wife still likes to fantasize and talk about that day. I canít count how many times she's had an orgasm while I'm repeating that conversation. My wife has said that if I was still in contact with this friend, she would like to do us both. However, I have no idea how to contact him. What a shame! -Adam, 40

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