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Wife Likes To Be Seen
Some of the stories here talk about seeing relatives or friends naked. I think that in many of these cases, the woman wanted to be seen. I think it is normal that some women get a little thrill by being observed. That is great because I love to accidentally see a woman if she wants to show. My wife definitely likes to be seen. I described in the confession I wrote "Tower Peeping" how she took me to an observation tower with a metal grate floor, and she was wearing no panties. She was seen up close by two men. Since then she has been seen probably hundreds of times that I know of. She has walked across the room in just a sheer housecoat when I had a sales man at the door and I realized he was staring. He asked me to have my wife come to the door. I told her and she glanced down at her naked breasts. I said it was okay, so she went to the door; he knelt down, and opened his case. That left his eyes just in front of her lower body, and I am sure he stared. He stayed about ten minutes and I did not ask her if she gave him an order. I wondered if he came back during the week. She told me one day that a package delivery came and she was in her underwear. She tried to get the package and hide behind the door; but he stepped inside, made her sign, and got to see her completely. She signed up for a shirt delivery service that just did men's shirts. Shortly after that, she bought two new nightgowns. Both had built in bra tops, and both were completely sheer. They had cover ups that were still revealing. I found them very sexy; the tops were tight so her breasts were completely revealed. I was very pleased that she thought to get sexy gowns. Later she told me that the shirt guy came early, and he was always catching her in her nightgown. Wow. Well at least she shared with me. When she was in college, two step brothers came to live at her home. I remembered that her house had the old fashioned large keyholes in the doors. I suspect that she was observed in her bedroom or the bathroom by at least one of the brothers. The hall bathroom would have been easy for them to take a look and move away if anyone else came home. I can imagine her seeing a shadow or something that alerted her that she was being watched. I think she did not want to say anything about it, and allowed it. Then, as she found she enjoyed it, she would dry off outside of the tub area, to give the observer a better and longer view. I am guessing at this, but when I was in college, and staying at a boarding house in Cape Cod, my room connected to a bathroom where my door was always locked. I had to use the hall bathroom. Four young women checked in and I could hear them in the adjoining room. When they all took their showers, I must confess that I peeked. I did not see that much, until the third girl used the shower. She had walked into it quickly, giving a brief view of a beautiful woman from the side. I was going to stop watching while she was behind the shower curtain, when I realized that she had her head out and was staring down at the doorknob and keyhole. I was caught, but I did not look away because her breast was exposed. As I watched she slowly soaped up her arm, and then her breast, and then moved out of the shower and soaped up her entire body while I watched. After her shower the forth girl came in, looked at all the soapy water on the bathroom floor, and said "what a mess this is". I chuckled to myself, if she only knew. So I think a lot of women enjoy being seen, although most would not. I have to say I enjoy my wife being a sexy show girl. -Peter, 42

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