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My Brother-In-Law’s Coke Can
While visiting my wife's brother and his wife in Hawaii, my brother in-law and I went on a day of golf and a massage. When we were on the course, it started to rain heavily for a good hour. After that, we continued to finish our round. On the last hole, I slipped and fell and was covered head to toe with the Hawaiian red dirt mud. We made our way to the locker room, where I proceeded to take a shower. My brother in-law noticed that I wasn't able to scrub my back very well to get all the red mud off. All of a sudden, I felt someone scrubbing my back and when I turned to see who it was, I instantly became aroused. He smiled and said, “Check this out.” I looked down and saw the biggest penis I have ever seen in my life. He then took me by my hand to a private training room and did things to me that I had thought were disgusting and I would never do; but I loved everything he did to me and I pleased him also. When we left the room, we were shocked to see that we were in there for over two hours and missed our massage appointment. We had also missed six calls from our wives. We went back to his home and never said a word. We spent two weeks there and had quickies and oral sex whenever we could. We told our wives we went golfing three more times, all the while still making love to my wife and pleasing her as well. When it was time to leave, we said our farewell's at the airport and right before we walked into the security checkpoint area, my sister in-law whispered into my ear, “In case you didn't get a chance to measure it, it's ten inches and I call it my Coke can,” and she smiled. Then she said, “We’ll be visiting you over Christmas vacation for two weeks.” My wife, not suspecting a thing, just smiled and said, “I can't wait.” Neither can I. -Carl, 33

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