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Babysitter Sex
My wife was out of town on a business trip when I hired Rachel, a nineteen year old girl who lives by us, to babysit. When I got home, Rachel was in my bedroom cleaning up a few things. I had always admired her huge breasts and I could see her red lace thong; both things got me really turned on. She turned and saw me looking at her breasts. "Oh, no!" she said, looking down. 'I got spaghetti sauce on my shirt!" And, with that, she pulled off her shirt. Apparently, the sauce went through to her bra too, and she took that off. Her bra must have been really small because her huge, beautiful breasts looked twice as enormous when they were free of the bra. I touched her and she gave me oral, telling me I had the biggest package she'd ever seen. Her breasts were the best I'd seen, much better than my wife's, and I told her so. We had sex then, and it was the best sex I'd ever had. I want to have her again, so we'll see! -Phil, 42

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