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What Makes a Man Look Sexy

Hey guys, if you want to impress a woman with your sexy good looks, slip into some blue jeans and a T-shirt. Who says so? The ladies themselves.

Fully 58 percent of 866 women surveyed by Cargo magazine said this is the sexiest clothing men can wear. Another 19 percent prefer their guys in a stylish shirt and pants, and 17 percent say a suit and tie is best.

What else is hot?

A clean-shaven face is preferred by 42 percent, while 31 percent like it to be a little rough on the chin. Depending on the lady in question, a little chest hair would also be nice. Some 40 percent say a chest hair trim is fine by them, while 28 percent say a man's chest is supposed to be hairy. Another 22 percent would like to see their man hairless. (Ouch!) And while most guys don't do much with their eyebrows, fully 63 percent of women would like to see them groomed. When it comes to back hair, 55 percent of women say hairy men should wax, trim or pluck it if it pokes out of their collar, and 35 percent say any back hair is too much!

Get rid of the tighty-whiteys. Forty-eight percent of the ladies like boxer briefs, while 46 percent prefer plain old boxers. Ooh la la! A daring 2 percent say their guys shouldn't wear any underwear at all.

It's fine to use a little cologne, provided you do it right. Fully 77 percent of women say too many men use way too much. And too much is a turn-off.

What should you never wear? A whopping 92 percent nixed leather pants. Also on the no-no list are chest-baring shirts, pleats in pants, comb-overs, sandals, socks that are too short, pants that are too big, mixing and matching the wrong colors and not trimming those stray nose hairs. And when you go to the beach, don't even think about wearing a brief, bikini or thong suit.

Meanwhile, a study by French marketing and style consultants Nelly Rodi shows that men between 20 and 35 are more likely to choose a pink flowered shirt than a tough, macho look, reports Agence France Presse. It's all part of what the Nelly Rodi consultants call a new species of man who wants to look good and feel good. Just wax the back hair and nix the sandals.

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