Top 5 Beautiful Barmaids

  • Pretty in Pink

    Pretty in Pink

    Mary Cherry has a body that drives men wild. But she got tired of the bar scene, so she took her pink barstool outside to check out the hot guys walking down the street.

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  • Dizzying Beauty

    Dizzying Beauty

    After scrolling through this photo gallery of beautiful barmaid, Regina Jo Starr, your head will be so dizzy that you may feel like you've had one too many cocktails!

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  • Baby, You Can Drive My Car

    Baby, You Can Drive My Car

    What's sexier than a woman who works as a go-go dancer at nightclubs? A woman who loves drag racing with the boys. Wonder if any lucky fella ever gets into the backseat with her?

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  • Babe in a Bikini

    Babe in a Bikini

    Just because her last name is "Strait" doesn't mean this raven haired beauty is straight-laced and uptight. She knows how to greet a man when he comes home from a skimpy bikini!

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  • South of the Border Style

    South of the Border Style

    This Mexican beauty comes from Southern California. She's one hot tamale!

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