Top 5 Sexy Bartenders

  • Che Bella!

    Che Bella!

    Aria Giovanni is an Italian seductress who's beauty is reminiscent of a young Sophia Loren. She'll make you sing an Aria!

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  • Brunette in Daisy Duke shorts

    Brunette in Daisy Duke shorts

    Natalie certainly has the gams and tight tummy to pull off those short shorts. She must just say no to shots and beer when she bartends in a bar outside of Austin, Texas.

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  • Dizzying Beauty

    Dizzying Beauty

    After scrolling through this photo gallery of beautiful barmaid, Regina Jo Starr, your head will be so dizzy that you may feel like you've had one too many cocktails!

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  • Viva Vida!

    Viva Vida!

    Vida Guerra was voted 26 in FHM's Top 100 Sexiest Women in 2005. Her career launched when she sent in a photo to FHM Magazine for their amateur contest, and that is when everything exploded for the Cuban born latina raised in New Jersey.

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  • Naughty Natalia

    Naughty Natalia

    It's pretty obvious Natalia has a raging wild side. Check out her "come hither" looks and poses. Ready to follow her?

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