Top 5 Cover Models

  • A Touch of Jasmin

    A Touch of Jasmin

    Jasmin is the sexy Filipino you might have seen on the cover of Import Tuner magazine. She graduated with a degree in computer science and loves living in California.

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  • Taiwanese Beauty

    Taiwanese Beauty

    You've seen her on the covers of calendars and in Playboy special edition magazines. One of the unique traits of this Taiwanese beauty is that her hair reaches down to her ankles.

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  • Exotic Supermodel

    Exotic Supermodel

    Known as the 'Modern-day Rita Hayworth,' with more than 250 magazine covers, 20 films and a new TV show, Amber Smith continues her rise through the ranks of the media world.

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  • Sweet and Spunky

    Sweet and Spunky

    This San Francisco native has a sweet and spunky personality with a lot of enthusiasm for her modeling career, which includes the cover of Low Rider magazine.

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