Top 5 Latina Beauties

  • Doctor of Love

    Doctor of Love

    Lovely Latina Paola Corvea writes a sex advice column for Maxim en Espanol. If this photo gallery is any indication, she certainly has a PhD in the art of seduction.

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  • Latin Lover

    Latin Lover

    This Miami Latina likes it hot, hot, hot. Check out Aylen Alvarez in a variety of settings, from bar to balcony. No matter where she is, you'll feel your temperature rise!

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  • Girl Next Door

    Girl Next Door

    No wonder Jenny caught Hugh Hefner's eye. This dark haired raven sure knows how to cast a spell.

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  • Mountains of Glory

    Mountains of Glory

    Many men are mesmerized by Bianca's green-blue eyes. She is outgoing, energetic, and funny -- it's hard not to get hypnotized by her perfection.

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  • Bed Romp

    Bed Romp

    You've had a long hard day. Reward yourself by admiring these photos of Pam, a sexy Latina who loves showing off her bright pink bikini.

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