Top Small Town Gals

  • Angel from Heaven

    Angel from Heaven

    This blonde bombshell strikes the perfect balance between innocence and sexiness. She's the kind of gal you could bring home to mom, then bring back into the bedroom for some R-Rated fun!

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  • Roll in the Hay

    Roll in the Hay

    Farmhands aren't usually known for their good looks. But Amanda Nicole looks like a farmer's daughter who knows a lot more about sex appeal than milking a cow.

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  • Leering at Lee

    Leering at Lee

    Mama said it's always the quiet ones you should watch out for. So watch out for Lee. She's quiet, until she has a drink or two!

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  • The Next Starlette

    The Next Starlette

    With that Cindy Crawford-esque birthmark, Raven is sure to make it big in Hollywood.

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