The No. 1 Vacation Spot in the World

If you could spend a vacation in any country in the world outside the United States and you would not have to worry about the cost, what one country would you choose?

That's the question the Harris Poll asked 2,241 adults. And the answer? Italy!

This lush land filled with history, religion and some of the world's best food and wines has been a top pick in this annual poll for some time, ranking No. 1 or No. 2 for the past 10 times Harris Poll has asked this question.

Top 15 international vacation destinations:
1. Italy
2. Australia
3. Great Britain (England, Scotland and/or Wales)
4. France
5. Ireland
6. Germany
7. Canada
8. Japan
9. Spain and New Zealand (tie)
11. Greece
12. Mexico
13. Switzerland
14. Brazil
15. Bahamas

Fun facts to know and tell:

  • Countries new to the list this year are Mexico and the Bahamas. Dropping off the list this year are Israel and China.

  • Half of Americans (50 percent) would choose a European country for a foreign vacation if cost were not a consideration.

  • Two in five (20 percent) would go to a destination in Asia or the Pacific region.

  • One in 10 U.S. adults (10 percent) would vacation in a country in the Americas or the Caribbean.

  • Much smaller numbers say they would choose to vacation in Africa (3 percent) or a Middle Eastern country (2 percent).

  • Only 3 percent say they wouldn't vacation anywhere outside the United States, and 4 percent are not sure where they would go.

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