The Richest People Share One Zodiac Sign

Oh, you lucky Virgos. The rest of us may be asking to borrow your money. It turns out that the richest people in the world--and we're talking billionaire rich like Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffett and Oracle's Larry Ellison--are Virgos.

With the help of professional astrologists Jeff Jawer, Michael Lutin, Tad Mann and David Railey Forbes reporters Lacey Rose and Chaniga Vorasarun did a very unusual analysis of the annual Forbes ranking of the world's billionaires. They determined that 12 percent of those listed are Virgos, making it the most common Zodiac sign among the very rich. Virgos are born between Aug. 23 and Sept. 22.

Lutin says Virgo, the sign of the virgin, is characterized by these traits: hardworking, determined, detail-oriented and analytical. More than the pursuit of riches, though, Virgos are driven by their desire for excellence. They are a utilitarian lot, who enjoy producing things or services that are of use to others.

The sign with the least number of billionaires is Sagittarius, Nov. 22 to Dec. 21.

The good news is that every sign has a few billionaires. Other billionaires and their signs:
Steve Ballmer: Aries
James Dyson: Taurus
Edgar Bronfman Sr.: Gemini
Richard Branson: Cancer
J.K. Rowling: Leo
Warren Buffett: Virgo
Ralph Lauren: Libra
Bill Gates: Scorpio
Steven Spielberg: Sagittarius
Roy Disney: Capricorn
Oprah Winfrey: Aquarius
Steve Jobs: Pisces

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